Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Code of conduct is a declaration of commitment by the company’s management and a guideline for managers and employees of Spuntech to carry out the procurement.

Spuntech strives to maintain its reputation as a leading global company through consistent application of core values.

Spuntech created the Code of Conduct to present to its suppliers, business partners, the core values by which procurement policy will be determined and how it will implement responsible procurement.

At Spuntech, we believe in working together with suppliers while integrating new solutions and groundbreaking technological opportunities.

The code consists of 10 main rules:

Compliance with laws
Suppliers shall comply with all laws and regulations applicable where suppliers operate

Human rights
Spuntech believes that respect for human rights and ethical business conduct are the foundation for making a sustainable and socially responsible business worldwide.

Labor and employment laws
Suppliers must comply with all applicable labor laws, wages and hours, including but not limited to: minimum wage, overtime pay and maximum hours worked.

Suppliers are prohibited from giving or offering gifts or benefits of any kind to Spuntech employees or representatives that may improperly influence Spuntech ‘s business decisions.

Accurate finances and invoices
Suppliers shall maintain accurate financial books and business records in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and generally accepted accounting principles.

Trade Compliance
Suppliers shall comply with all applicable international laws and regulations in the field of trade and transportation of any product intended for Spuntech.

Respect in the workplace
Suppliers will encourage a diverse workforce and provide a workplace free of discrimination, harassment, hostility, intimidation, bullying or any other abusive behavior.

Health & Safety
Suppliers will provide all their employees with a clean and safe work environment, comply with the laws and regulations of safety and hygiene of their countries.

Environmental protection
Suppliers will comply with environmental laws, rules and regulations.
Suppliers will focus on developing and implementing environmentally sustainable business practices.

Data Confidentiality/Privacy
Suppliers are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of any information related to Spuntech that is not public, confidential or proprietary information disclosed by Spuntech while doing business.