The Ethical Code

The Ethical Code

N. R. Spuntech Industries Ltd believes in a proper business culture for its employees and managers when fulfilling their functions in the Company.

Each of us is personally responsible to comply with the principles and rules and follows the Ethical Code in our daily lives as employees and managers, and make an effort ensuring these rules will be implemented and respected.

The Ethical Code – is a collection of values and standards intended to create and maintain a worthwhile organizational culture which will strengthen the contacts among the Company’s employees, and establish a relationship of trust, integrity, reliability, and human values between the organization and its customers, the community, and everyone who comes into contact with it.

Spuntech sees itself as responsible and concerned for the needs of its customers, suppliers, shareholders, business partners, and the surroundings in which the Company and its employees work.

We are obligated to quality, health, life, and to have mutual respect and trust for and cooperation with the people with whom we work.

Employment Policy
Spuntech is obligated to create a work environment free of discrimination, sexual harassment, and any other serious annoyances, based on race, religion, gender, age, disabilities, and any other status protected by law

Compliance with the Law
All employees must obey the law and the Company’s directives. Any breach results in ethical, legal, and moral harm. All employees has the responsibility to understand and adopt the laws and regulations connected with the work and field of responsibility

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
Workers, without distinction, have the right to join or form trade unions of their own choosing and to bargain collectively. We adopt an open attitude towards the activities of trade unions and their organizational activities.

There is no discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation, social background or any other condition that could give rise to discrimination. Workers shall not be harassed or disciplined on any of the grounds listed above.

Health, Safety and Environment
Spuntech’s employees and managers maintain the rules of safety at work and carry out their obligations according to the laws and procedures and according to their professional discretion

Ethical Business Behaviour
Spuntech is not involved in any act of corruption, extortion or embezzlement, nor in any form of bribery – including but not limited to – promising, offering, giving or accepting of any improper monetary or other incentive.

External Factors
Spuntech’s employees and managers act with respect, integrity, and honesty to others. Employees are polite and respectful to outside entities

Protecting the Company’s Assets
Spuntech’s employees and managers are obligated to maintain and ensure the proper use of its assets so that they can be used for the Company’s needs and objectives and avoid using them for private needs, unless permitted in the employee’s work agreement

Spuntech’s employees and managers will report to their supervisors should there be any suspicion of a breach of any of the provisions of a law or the Ethical Code by any of the Company’s employees and managers, including any fraud, misappropriation, or illegal acts in the field of finance, accounting, reporting, safety, or any other field

The company has an open-door policy and welcomes and invites all employees to contact the Human Resources departments at the various sites.

Any safety disciplinary or other event, as decided by the Company’s management, will result in an investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to analyse the event from every possible aspect, reach useful conclusions relevant for the Company, and all this in order to prevent any future similar event(s). Employees should display maximum frankness in such investigations.